Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do you recommend a specific number of strands to use in the string and cables?
Yes, the strand-count is important in order to insure safety and durability. The number of strands determines the diameter of the string and cables. If the strand count is too large the string will not fit in the cams correctly. If too small the serving will not sit in the nock on the arrow correctly. For each crossbow refer to its manual on the recommended yoke and string to use. It is recommended to use Southern Crossbow strings and cables designated for your crossbow model. This will prevent any variation from original materials, construction, and design that could create failure of the product.

What type of arrow should I use with my Southern Crossbow?
Southern Crossbow recommends the following arrow types be used. Field tips, fixed and mechanical broadheads may be used. There is no recommended fletching style of specification. Aluminum and carbon arrows may also used as long as the length and weight correspond to the following recommendations:

The recommended arrow weight is 400 or 425 grain.
The recommended length is 20” and 22”.
The minimum arrow weight is 350 grains.

Remember, using arrows weighing less can produce a dry-fire effect with the crossbow.

How do I properly sight in the crossbow scope that came on my new crossbow?
Several Southern Crossbow models include crossbow scopes. These scopes utilize a series of dots or lines to compensate for arrow drop. It is recommended to place the crossbow in a shooting vice that does not interfere with the operation of the string and limbs. Having the crossbow stable in a shooting vice will eliminate human error making it easier to line the sight’s crosshair with the impact point of the arrow. Sight in the crossbow scope at 20 yards using the top line. If the impact of the arrow is offset from the aiming point, make adjustments to the elevation or windage adjustments. Adjust the top crosshair to align with the impact point of the arrow. Continue to shoot the crossbow and adjust the scope until the impact and aiming point coincide. Each crossbow has a different arrow speed resulting in different yardages for the reticle’s arrow drop compensation. Consult the crossbow’s manual to know the yardage of the reticle’s arrow drop.

How often should I change my string and/or cables?
Under normal shooting conditions, Southern Crossbow recommends to have your string replaced every other year by a professional at an archery/crossbow pro shop.

Can I use a Vaseline or a petroleum based substance on my Southern Crossbow rail?
No. Heavy oils, greases and petroleum based substance will collect dirt and debris. This will build up in your trigger assembly and result in the inability for your crossbow to properly cock.

I just purchased a Southern crossbow, should I loosen or let down the tension on my limbs in the off season to prevent my string & cables from stretching?
Southern Crossbow does not recommend loosening or adjusting the tension on the limbs. This could result in damaging the limbs if not properly tightened before shooting and the performance of the crossbow may decrease.